My name is Marta; I live in Rom and I am thinking going to Turkey in August.
Which is the best way to visit Turkey and Cappadocia in 8/9 days?
Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you!

Dear Marta,

You can possibly arrange your trip by contacting hotels and local travel agencies in each location or get yourself a travel agency that may help you book all the accommodation, tours and land transfers for you and arrange your trip.

Please clarify if you actually wanted to know what places should be visited?

Please do not hesitate to ask for any further information

Warm Regards
Serap Aga
Reliable Travel


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Serap Aga


I studied 4 years at the University in Nevsehir to be a Professional tour guide and guided for 9 years throughout Turkey. I was the manager of one of the boutique hotels in Cappadocia before starting my first travel agency with several partners. At present I am the owner of Reliable Travel based in Cappadocia. As a nationally licensed guide with a college degree in Turkish history, I can answer any kind of questions related to travel in Cappadocia and Turkey; as well as history, culture and cuisine of Turkey.


I have worked in the tourism industry for 12 years as a professional tour guide and a tour planner.

Kared (Foundation of Cappadocia Tourist Guides) Tureb (Founddation of Turket Tourist Guides) Tursab (Foundation of Turkey Travel Agencies)

Graduated from a 4 years guiding programme.

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