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Hi there I am Tryin to help a find who is currently married to a Turkish man and has being separated for. 3 years for him. Sees been to several lawyer who don't have a clue how Turkish law works or were to start with a divorce. Ad be most grateful if u cud help at all in this matter. Thanks for your time.

Hi Gary,

In order to advise your friend properly, there's quite a lot of questions I need to ask such as;
Where did they get married? Does she have the marriage documents?
Is she living in Turkey or the UK?
Are there any children from the marriage?
Are there any assets to be handled?
Is the husband willing to get divorced?
Does she know how to contact him?
What are the reasons for the separation?

This is just to start and then I could explain what is required and how the process would work here in Turkey.

As this involves quite a lot of personal information, let me know if your friend would like to contact me directly and I'll provide details.

Best Regards,



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