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Turkey/holiday in turkey with chinese girlfriend


Hi, i would like to take my Chinese girlfriend to Turkey for a month. Tourist visa they give is only for 15 days, any suggestions?

thanks in advance.


I'm sorry but this is not an area in which I have any expertise. The one thing to check would be whether she is able to get another 15 days after the first visa expires. In that case you could just arrange your time so that at the 15th day you cross the border and then come back in. Maybe you could go to Izmir and then take a boat to Greece and stay overnight and then come back the next day and she could get a new 15 day visa. This only works if she can get multiple visas without needing to wait. For Americans they get 90 day visas but then have to wait 90 days before getting another 90 day visa. I have no idea what the rules are for Chinese. I hope you find your answers and are able to enjoy a good long time with your girlfriend.


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