Dear Sir/Madam
My name is mehdi nejad dehghan.I am Iranian  as well as  British citizen. I  live  in  Iran  but  i  would like to do  business  with  Iranian  and  foreign  companies.It  is  no   matter  for  me  to do  business  where in the  world,just  i  want  to  use  my  being  British citizen.
I  don't  know  any  rules  about  doing  business  but  i  am  very  interested  in  doing it.
I  am  a  university  student in English  translation  and  this  year  is  my  final  year  in  university  and  i  am  going  to  get  .BA  in  English  translation.
In   addition  i know  Persion,English&Turkey(to  some how).
Now  i  have  some  questions  as  following;
1)  Does  being British citizen is  a  advantage  for  me?
2)If  yes,could  you  please  tell  me  these  advantages?
3)Could  you  give  me  some  important  and  useful  directions  about  this  matter?

With  best  wishes
Mehdi Nejad  Dehghan

Hello Mehdi,
I may not be the most qualified person to help you in this matter, but my first suggestion is that you contact the economic affairs department of Iranian Embassy in England and obtain a list of companies who are actively trading between the two nations.  It would also be useful to attend local trade shows in Iran, Turkey and the UK and begin to make contacts with companies who have interests in both countries.  Having dual citizenship will always have advantages for you, and I wish you the best.


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I am an 18 year American resident of Bodrum, Turkey with a daughter attending the local seventh grade. I have started up two small businesses and currently manage a gulet charter company. I am especially interested in answering questions from female entrepeneurs, and persons interested in local Turkish food, customs and topics related to chartering gulets and wooden boatbuilding in Bodrum.


I have a bachelor's degree in Turkish Literature from the University of California, Berkeley and have worked in the gulet charter industry for 8 years.

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