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Hello there. I have been travelling to Turkey for the last couple of years as my partner lives there. He speaks fluent English but I would like to learn Turkish as I have decided to move to Marmaris finally. Over the last few months I have been using the internet and various phone apps to try and learn as much as I can by myself, however I just don't seem to be picking it up quickly enough. I am looking for classes or a reliable and professional tutor that can teach Turkish in Marmaris to English people. Can you help me please? Also any Brits over there that have any useful info for a newbie such as myself would be much appreciated.

Thank you


There are many foreigners who live in Marnaris, therefore I'm sure there must be lots of Brits. Maybe you can search on Google and find some of them, so they can give you some good info locally.

As for the Turkish courses, I know them in the big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir etc. For example there is TOMER courses. But I don't think they exist in Marmaris, probabily you can find smaller courses there.




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