I'm coming to Istanbul on a business trip from May 11 to 17. I will be busy during the day but my evenings are likely to be free. In addition I would like to visit one other place in Turkey for a couple of days - some place not too far away from Istanbul - say a couple of hours flying time.

I will be staying at the MOVENPICK Hotel Büyükdere Caddesi, 34330, 4 | Istanbul. Please suggest an itinerary for Istanbul - I like history, culture, food, and people's way of life. I'm NOT interested in night life like bars and pubs. I like to go to sleep early. I'm a photographer - not professional but a keen amateur enthusiast. So I would like to visit places that have plenty of photo oportunities.

Please also suggest another place in Turkey that I can visit and spend a couple of days - e.g. some place I can experience the Ottoman or Roman empire period.

My plane from New Delhi, India lands at about 10.15 am. Therefore, I can immediately take a connecting flight to this place and get back to Istanbul on May 11 by afternoon.

Thank you for your help and look forward to hearing from you.

Dear Nilesh,

I would suggest a few places out of Istanbul.
Ephesus is a famous Roman site.
One hour flight, plus one hour driving.

Bursa is the first capital of Ottomans.
Two and half hour driving distance.

Cappadocia is great for photography of natural
landscape and to see country life.
One hour fifteen minutes flight, plus one hour

Last entrance to the museums will be 6:00
O'Clock. If you can make it early enough,
You may shortly see couple of highlights,
such as Ayasofya (St. Sophia) and Topkapi

You may see some neighbourhoods for great
photo opurtunities.

If you e-mail me privately, I can help you further.
Please check out my site and send a message to me.




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