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steve kennedy wrote at 2013-05-09 04:03:55
My wife and I got our 5 year Turkish residency in 1 hour. We bought a villa in Didim and friends there gave us a local s name and we contacted him, he took us to the local police station did all the talking and then we went to the local tax office and showed our tax numbers, paid the fee(250GBP)then back to the police station(100 metres away)gave in the forms our local man did all the chat again, we were told to come back in 3 days and we received our visas. (Cost for the local man 10 pounds.)

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I can answer detailed questions on living in or traveling to Turkey as a foreigner, doing business in Turkey, and also detailed questions about news, current affairs, politics, finance, trends, culture etc. My business means I need to "stay in the know" about what is happening here, and as I write for a newspaper I have wide interests: let me share that knowledge with you!


I am one of the joint owners of Greenhouse bookstore in Kadikoy, Istanbul, and have lived in Turkey since 1994. I am British, but also have Turkish citizenship. I was assistant editor of "Culture Smart Turkey" by Charlotte McPherson


BSc in Actuarial Science, Turkish actuarial registration, fluent in Turkish.

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