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Hello! Marionin Turkey, can you give me a little bit information about Istanbul Accent, Thracian Accent, Aegean Accent, Mediterranean Accent, Black Sea Accent, Ankara accent? . Their main features. I can't find any information about it, thank you very much ;)

Hi Gulzhaz

Basically the most respected accent in the country is Istanbul accent. Good quality, professional, educated Turkish is often described as Istanbul Turkish.

Other parts of the country have regional accents, of course, and people who speak good Istanbul Turkish. In the Aegean region people often shorten some of the syllables so instead of saying gidiyorsun they may say gidiyon.

The most well known and most mimicked accent is the Black Sea one. People from the Black Sea will say "G" instead of "K". They also will often swap a front vowel for a back one. If you google Temel cartoons you'll find lots of examples e.g. n'apiyim instead of Ne yapayım or İstanbulüyem instead of İstanbuluyum.

The south-eastern or eastern Anatolian accent is more gutteral. They will often say the ğ in their throat (like Central Asians do) rather than have it as a silent letter.

Hope this helps

Try googling "şive" which is the Turkish word.  

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