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Well mcadaamia nuts, how about that.

Zaiya, You did not tell me if this is a terrapin or a tortoise. Anyway turtles do not usually digest nuts well. If you are looking for a good way to give them vitamin E. Stay with leafy vegetables. FOR BOTH TYPES. If you are trying to give them more protein...most tortoise are omnivorous and water turtles are better off with salmon or tuna mixed with their regular diet. Good Luck, Tina


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Tina Beatty-Quiao


I can answer all questions on care feeding of these amazing creatures.What is the best way to keep your turtle.....identification and some tricks for keeping cleaner aquarium for water turtles. Familiar with disease and medications care for shellrot to fostering the eggs if necessary.


I have worked in the petcare industry for about 20 yrs. Managed petshop for yrs and have and a red footed tortoise of my own and a chinese box. I am familiar with most. Dealt with tons over the yrs.

I was an expert here before and, would like now that I have abit of free time, to help people take proper care of theses misunderstood and extremely delicate creatures.

I have learned alot from our preservation society. I have had a course in fostering of sea turtle eggs in Costa Rica. I have alot of yrs experience and work withthem on regular basis.

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I am in the petcare industry so I deal with them on a regular basis. If you are looking for an answer maybe I have previously answered you may find them under my reptile questions under Tina Quiao.

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