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I live in South Africa, Kwazulu Natal. One of my learners at school found a turtle on his way to school. I don't have a idea what kind it is! Its got a flat shell, rounded head, no webbed feet, but long nails at the end of toes. Its about 8cm long and 5cm wide. Please help me! I really want to help the poor animal, but need more info on food and so on. And a name for specie if possible!

Hi Henriette,

The best thing to do is to release the turtle in a safe area near where it was found.  I can't ID it for you without seeing very clear, close photos of it, but in any case, unless the turtle is injured it belongs in the wild.  Turtles require a lot of room and specific care (special bulbs, temperatures, variety of food, etc.), so unless you are already experienced attempting to keep it really isn't a good idea.  In addition, turtles can live 50 years or longer, so keeping it would mean making a very long term commitment to its care.  Best to release it.  : )


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