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hello, i would like to know what kind of turtle is this, i found it on a yard and i want to take proper care of it.

Hi Sam,

I can't really tell from your picture, but I'd guess that it's a California desert tortoise.  If this is the case, it's probably an escaped pet and you should make an effort to find the owner.  If you live in an area where the CDT is native (Mojave desert area), it could possibly be a wild tortoise and should not be handled.  In any case, CDTs take specialized care and you should learn all you can about them before considering taking this one in.  You would need to have an outdoor enclosure with heated shed, for instance, and provide a regular, varied diet.  It's also important to note that keeping a CDT requires a permit, and this particular tortoise may be tagged (which would help you find the owner).  You can find more information on CDTs here:  http://tortoise.org/.


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