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Turtles/baby turtle health problem


I have a baby indian roofed turtle.from last few days she is having skinn infection and she is not opening her eyes also.we are feeding her fish food by hand.she is recovering but still not opening her eyes.we don't have any vet in our nearby can you please help us to guide how to take proper care of baby turtle.

Hi Prashant,

Before I can help you, I need more detailed information.  Please post back with the following:

1)  How big the turtle is, and how long you have had her (also the exact Latin name if you know it)

2)  How big the tank is

3)  What kind of filter you have, if any

4)  What kind of basking and UVB bulbs you have, if any (exact brand and wattage)

5)  Water and basking temperatures--EXACT temperatures, please

6)  Complete diet

Please be detailed.  I can't help if you give me vague answers.  Generally speaking, the problems you mention are due to the turtle being kept in improper conditions--tank too small, poor filtration, lack of proper temperatures and/or UVB, and poor diet.  The skin infection is very likely to poor water quality.  I'll try to write back soon after I receive your post.


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