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Turtles/Eastern painted turtle w/growth problem


I have had an Eastern Painted turtle for several years. He was very small when I got him and he was already pyramiding. His shell now measures only 3". I saw tonight that his body seems to be bulging out of his shell openings. Could he be outgrowing it because of his deformity or are there other explanations for a swollen body? He is eating and appears to be active enough. I would like to know your thoughts on this. I like him a lot and would not want him to be in a lot of pain. Thank you,  Sarah

Hi Sarah,

Could you post a clear picture or two?  Turtles don't typically pyramid the way tortoises can, so it sounds like there is actually some kind of shell deformity/stunting that has gone on.  This is often caused by improper diet and/or lack of UVB, which will cause improper growth.  Can you give me more information on how you have him set up--tank size, filter, temperatures, kind of UVB bulb, and complete diet.  I can help better if I have more information.

If the shell hasn't grown properly, that can cause the body to appear to be bulging out of the shell, but turtles can also become obese if overfed (so information about his diet/feeding would help).  Obviously an overweight turtle isn't good, but it's something that can be corrected.  Shell deformity can't be fixed, but the tank conditions can be improved so it doesn't get worse.  If you could post back with additional information (and pictures if possible), I can give you better advice on what to do.


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