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Turtles/Red eared baby turtle sick.. need assistance asap.


Hi, I bought 2 baby red eared turtles 2 weeks back. Both are 1 inch big. The day i bought them over, they both were inactive, always basking, no eating (for days) and refuse to swim. Then i thought of changing their food (I was giving them palates) thinking that they might not be liking it so i started giving them dried shrimps. After changing the food one of the turtle is doing absolutely fine in eating, basking, swimming and is active now. But the other one is still behaving the same. i tried to force feed him but in vain. I am afraid if he is facing some infection. I don't want to loose him. Please guide me how can i make him feel better. As far as habitat is concerned i have taken full care of the water, temperature and cleanliness.


I need to know exactly how you have them set up.  Telling me you have it done correctly doesn't really help, since problems such as you describe are nearly always due to improper setup.  So please post back with detailed information:

1)  Size of tank and depth of water

2)  Exact basking and water temperatures

3)  Exact brand and size of filter

4)  Exact brand and wattage of UVB

5)  Complete diet

Without this information, I can't give you the proper advice.  I can tell you that shrimp is a very incomplete diet, and force-feeding a hatchling is extremely dangerous and should not be undertaken by anyone who is not either a vet or a turtle expert.  

Never buy a turtle that isn't obviously active, alert, and eating.  In fact, never buy a turtle from a pet shop, especially in India.  The chances of getting a healthy turtle just aren't that high.  If you can post back with the information I requested, I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


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