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QUESTION: i have star tortoise's eggs so tell me how can i keep it

ANSWER: I need more information, please.  I need to know where the eggs were laid (nest or on the ground), where they are now, if you've handled them, etc.  Please provide more details so I can help.  I can tell you that if you've handled and rotated the eggs from their original position in the nest, the chances of them hatching are not very good.  Tortoise eggs must remain in the same position (same side up) once they've been laid.

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QUESTION: the eggs were laid in ground ,i dont touch the eggs that is the same position in ground , i'll dig 8 feet in ground and keep that eggs their in same position

I'm confused as to why you would dig down 8 feet.  Eggs aren't that deep; usually about 6-8", depending on the size of the female.  In any case, unless you have a working incubator or can build one, leave the eggs in the ground.  They may not hatch, but they probably have a better chance than if you dig them up and try to incubate them without an incubator to regulate temperatures and humidity.  You may need to build some kind of wire cage around the nest site to protect it from predators.

For more information on star tortoise care, including incubation of eggs, see links below.  Carefully read the information on breeding, eggs, and raising hatchlings.  It's very detailed and should help you quite a bit.
Note:  I recommend that you NOT feed fruit or commercial diet (pellets).


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