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Being I think this is a basic question, I will not go into great detail. I apologize if you want more info. Our red foot is named Bobber. I don,t know if you remember us, but I remember you. You are the best! Simple question, I think. Bobber will be walking around the house, and sometimes she' will stop and think for awhile, and then leave a puddle as big as a dogs. I thought Thier pee was combined with their poop like a birds.
 Thanks, Jeannie. It,s good to be in touch with you again. I lost my info I had. Take care

Hi Don,

I remember you and Bobber!  Hope all is well with you.  

Tortoises do poop and pee separately, although sometimes they'll do both nearly at the same time since they tend to do it either when drinking or eating.  However, they don't have separate openings for urine and feces; instead, everything comes out the cloaca (that includes eggs).  You do sometimes see a sort of solid in their pee, but that's urates (solid part of the pee) rather than poop.  Urates should actually be pretty soft and liquidy.  If you see them become gritty/more solid, that indicate dehydration and more moisture in the enclosure and increased soaks are needed.  Hope that answers your question.  Nice to hear from you!


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