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Hello, I just purchased a 125 gallon pond for my two red eared slider turtles. I am needing to buy a nice filtering system. How many GPH filter pump do you recommend? I've noticed my turtles can be very messy and it's hard to keep their tank clean, so I really want something that will keep everything clean.

Hi Hannah,

If at all possible, consider increasing the size of your pond to at least 250 gallons or even bigger.  125 gallons is really only adequate for one adult RES.  Two would be crowded, and it would be more difficult to keep the pond clean (which is probably why you're having a problem keeping their tank clean now).  The filter should be able to handle at least double the pond capacity, and more is better if you want to keep things really clean.

Here's some additional information for you:

There are also youtube videos on DIY pond filters, so you might want to check those out.  Good luck!


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