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what can I feed my Indian Star tortoise and how many times a day/week do I need to feed them?

Right now I am just feeding them grass and some plants, but they love to eat fruits and vegetables which I feed them occasionally.

Also my tortoise aren't much active. Anything I can do to change that?


You can feed them once a day, but not too much.  Give them enough for them to eat for 15-20 minutes, and no more.  Their diet should be mostly grass and hay, cactus, and some leafy greens (or weeds) such as dandelion, turnip, mustard, and so forth.  They should not eat fruit or vegetables.  

In order to help you with your second question, I need more information.  Can you tell me how you have them set up?  How big is their enclosure, and is it indoors or outside?  If indoors, what kind of lighting do you have for them, and do they have a UVB bulb (special reptile bulb)?  What are the basking and cool area temperatures?  What kind of substrate is there?  Is water available?  Do you soak them?  When I have the additional information, I can give better advice on whether they should be more active.


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