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Ihave had this turtle since baby for a year. She recently started trying to climb out of tank and moving back and forth in same area of tank digging. She now has set in same spot for days, she is eating well but will not move from spot. She did bury herself under a rock like she is nesting before she came attached to spot she is in now. She seems very healthy. I didnt know if these are symptoms of being in heat or if she thinks she is hatching eggs. Any info of this funny behavior?

Hi Kelly,

Turtles don't go into heat.  Mature females can lay without having bred with a male, but her behavior could be due to any number of things.  I need more information in order to help.

1)  How old/big is she?

2)  How big is the tank?

3)  What kind of filter do you have, what kind of basking/UVB bulb(s), and what are the *exact* basking and water temperatures.

4)  What is her diet?

Turtles are very good at hiding illness, so while she may seem healthy to you, something may be going on.  If she's digging with her hind legs, that's nesting behavior, but if she continues with it without producing eggs she may need a vet visit.  In any case, if you can post additional information, I can give you better advice.

UPDATE:  I missed the part where you said she is a year old.  So she should be about 3" long, and is too young for breeding behavior.  Something else is going on, then.  Please post back with the information I asked for, and I'll do what I can to help.


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