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i live in a apartment and i have a to painted turtles and my apartment is not so big and my turtles aren't very active unless there scared and i want them to live in a good home but my family doesn't have room for a tank for them so i keep them in a big plastic thing with water in it i keep it in the bath tub so what should i do that is affordable and keeping my turtles healthy and happy?

Hi Romina,

I'm not sure I can give you an answer that is both affordable (depending on what you mean) and healthy for your turtles.  Turtles do have specific requirements if you want them to be healthy and happy.  One is plenty of space.  A large plastic tub can work, but two adult painted turtles need a lot of room--for two adult males, probably about 125 gallons.  The second thing they need is good water quality, meaning an excellent filtration system.  They will develop skin and shell infections without a filtration system in place, and it has to be able to cycle a lot of water.  A small, cheap filter isn't going to be helpful.  You want something that's meant for twice your tank's (or tub) capacity.

After you get size and filter set, you need basking and UVB lights.  This can be one bulb (ZooMed Powersun is the best), or a basking bulb with tube UVB bulb (ZooMed Reptisun 10.0).  You must provide UVB; it's not an option.  Without UVB, turtles can't metabolize calcium properly, and will develop bone and shell problems, and eventually die.  

Finally, you need to provide a good, varied diet that includes pellets, animal protein, and greens/veggies.  The variety is important, and so is quality.

I'm going to provide some links below for more reading for you.  They will explain in more detail about the care of painted turtles and how to set them up correctly.  Turtles are pretty hardy, and can survive in pretty poor conditions, but if you want them to thrive you have to make sure they have good living conditions.  Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.


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