hello my name is Kevin and i need some help i have 3 turtles and 1 is a box turtle and the others is a yellow belly turtles and i need some help buying a  turtle kit CAN U PLEASE HELP ME.

Hi Kevin,

I need a lot more information to help you, but I can tell you two things right off the bat.  One is that you cannot house a box turtle with your other turtles; the other is that if you have two yellow-bellied sliders, you are going to need a very large tank.  If your sliders are hatchlings, you can get away with about a 30 gallon tank for a year, but you will eventually need about a 150 gallon tank to house both of them.  

Turtle kits are a waste of money.  The tanks are much too small, the filters aren't adequate, and they don't usually have decent UVB.  If you can post back and tell me how old/big your sliders are, I can help you.  Same with the box turtle--size/age.  Box turtles should be housed in roomy outdoor enclosures, but if you have to keep yours indoors, you will need a large enclosure with appropriate substrate, basking area, and UVB.  I'd be happy to help as soon as I have more information.


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