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I have a African Sideneck turtle. For the past 6 or 7 years i had him he's been in water treated with chlorine. recently my city switched to chloramine treated water and said that it can be deadly to aquatic animals. sadly they gave us a very short notice of the switch and didn't say how to remove it. they say it can't be boiled out, evaporated, and there are very few filters that can reduce it and none to remove it. they also said most home remedies you find online won't work. I can't find any ways to remove the chemical from the water and can't find anything to reduce it from the water. My local pet store says there is nothing i can do and trys to get me to buy a new filter after saying it won't help. my vet says he doesn't know and all he knows about the chemical is that it is ok for non-aquatic animals. i was hoping you could suggest something that could work.

Hi Sarah,

I did some research for you.  There seems to be some question as to how harmful chloramines are to turtles, since they don't have gills and don't respirate through their skins like amphibians, but I think it's best to be cautious.  It appears that activated charcoal in the filter will remove chloramines, but you can also get a product called Amquel that will remove them as well (and binds ammonia, which is also necessary).  If you can't find Amquel locally, you can get it online.

Here's an excellent article I found on chloramines and ways to remove them--it's written in regards to reef tanks, but be assured that any methods that will work for reef tanks will be more than adequate for your turtle.  Hope this helped!


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