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Hello. I've been writing you about my 2 hatchlings YBS. I think I ran out of follow ups because it won't let me follow up again. But you told me to keep you posted... The sick turtle died today while I was at work. :( thank you for everything. I'm still looking into buying the ZooMed Powersun bulb. Before I came home today I actually stopped by 3 pet stores but none carried the bulb... So, as you know I was very sad to come home to a died floating turtle! But once again thanks for everything!

Hi Tasha,

I'm really sorry about your turtle.  Since you'd only had him a short while, and he actually died, he probably wasn't healthy when you got him.  As I mentioned before, they're bred on a very large scale, often under crowded conditions, and no one is really checking to see if individual turtles are doing well or not.  So it's unfortunately not uncommon for this to happen.  Not having UVB could have caused lethargy and lack of appetite, but it wouldn't have killed him this fast.  It definitely wasn't anything you did wrong.

Just get the bulb online.  It would be a lot more expensive in a pet store anyway.  If you have more questions, feel free to post them at any time.  I try to get back to people within a day whenever I can.


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