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We rescued a snapping turtle nest from a woman's garden who declared she was going to kill them all.  They began to hatch this afternoon.  How long can they live on their yolk sac?  I was hoping to keep them for the children until the weekend when we can take them to a nearby nature preserve with a pond that feeds into the river.  Are there any care concerns other than keeping them warm enough?  Also should I buy a certain type of water or will tap water be okay?

Hi Payton,

Thank you for rescuing these little guys!  They can live off the yolk sac for a few weeks, and generally don't eat right away, so you're fine to keep them for a few days.  It's probably best if you don't try to feed them.  Just provide them with a basking spot (not too warm) and shallow water.  Tap is fine, although if there are chloramines in the water you should use a water conditioner.  

I'd love to see a picture or two if you have a chance.  Thanks again for caring!


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