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My husband bought me a baby horsefield tortoise for my christmas and after time spent with it I noticed there are what looks like skin covers over the eyes. We have researched in detail how to keep them and it is in an appropriate enviroment and fed on greens and veg with calcium supplement.  After speaking to a breeder he advised bathing the tortoise in luke warm water for a short period every 2-3 days. We have been doing this and the 'caps' are becoming more noticable. I have pictures but cannot see how to attach them. Any advice and help would be appreciated.  We did consider returning it to the shop but unsure as to the outcome. Its an active wee thing and I would rather try and look after it than return it

Hi Christine,

I've hatched out many Horsfield's (here we call them Russians).  Can you please post back and set it to private, and I'll respond with my email so you can send me pictures directly.  I'm really not sure what you mean, so I need to see it.  It's a good sign that the hatchling is active and eating.  I'll try to respond as soon as I hear back.


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