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My red ear slider keeps eating or tries to eat everything that i put into it's tank; mainly it's floating basking platform. So is there anything i can do to prevent this or is this just the same as it eating rocks to help in digestion?

Hi Grant,

In order to give you better advice, I need more information.  Could you please provide the following:  age/size of turtle, size of tank, type of equipment (filter, basking/UVB bulbs, etc.), water and basking temps, and complete diet.  Turtles are pretty food-oriented and will often try to sample new things in the tank; however, rocks DO NOT add in digestion and can be a major impaction danger.  Any substrate in the tank should be too large for the turtle to eat.  If your turtle is eating gravel, it should be removed ASAP.  

Adding plants or small fish to the tank for the turtle to graze/hunt can give it something to do.  It's also important to make sure that the turtle has a roomy tank with plenty of swimming and basking area.  Unless your turtle is a small hatchling (2:), it really needs to be in at least a 50 gallon tank, and if an adult, more like 100 gallons.  If a turtle is crowded, you will often see abnormal behaviors as well.  However, I can provide better advice if you can post back with the additional information.


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