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Greetings,  I wanted to thank you for all your help with my son's turtle Jordan.  I took her to the vet any way because she wouldn't eat at all and her activity was close to none.  They treated her for a week with antibiotics, but she didn't make it! They said it was fungus! I just wanted to say thank you for your advice and time.

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the update.  I'm sorry that your son's turtle didn't make it.  Unfortunately it's not uncommon with the hatchling RES, as I mentioned.  I'm curious to know how the vet diagnosed the fungus, and what the reasoning was behind giving antibiotics, since antibiotics treat bacterial infections.  It's possible that at that point the vet felt there was a systemic infection.  Septicemia (there would be red/pink spots visible on the lower shell, extreme lethargy and lack of appetite) can be rapidly fatal and in a hatchling from a dubious background probably incurable.  So given everything, I don't think you could have done much to help.  Sorry again to hear the little guy passed away.


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