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Turtles/anal gland protruding out


We have a small desert turtle that all of a sudden looks like a protrusion in the anal area is this serious or is there anything we can do till we can get him to vet

Hi Rosanne,

It's very important to get your tortoise to a vet ASAP.  Prolapses aren't uncommon, but do need to be treated as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, keep your tortoise on clean, damp substrate (moist paper towels, etc.) so the prolapse doesn't dry out.  Soaking in sugar water can also help the prolapse to shrink and retract, but the tortoise needs to go the vet regardless.

It's also very important to make sure the tortoise is being kept correctly, because improper care is often the cause of prolapses, in particular dehydration and bladder stones.  Even desert tortoises shouldn't be kept completely dry, and should have constant access to water, wallows, etc. if outside, and regular soaks if inside.  Chronic dehydration leads to bladder stones, which can grow big enough to displace other organs, cause prolapses, etc.  If you can give me more information about how you're keeping your tortoise (age/size, how long you've had it, exact species, enclosure, substrate, diet, etc.), I can give you more specific infomration.  


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