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My female box turtle keeps mounting my male turtle as if she wants mate with him, have even had to break them apart, no mistake in the sexes. Im pretty sure she's a she and he is a he. Just curious as to what this means. The male shows no interest in wanting to return the favor.


It's not uncommon for females to display this kind of behavior when they're gravid, or it could be some territorial aggression.  Two box turtles need quite a bit of room, so if they're crowded, that could encourage some agressive behavior.  You didn't say how you had them housed, but I'm assuming you have them indoors since they're not hibernating.  In most areas of the US, box turtles do really well in outdoor pens, and it's generally advisable to have them outdoors when possible.  If you can post back with more information, I might be able to give you a better idea, but as it is, those are my two best guesses (presuming you have them sexed correctly).  If the female is gravid, she's probably close to laying.  If you see other behavior from her--restlessness, pacing, lack of appetite--make sure she has a place to dig a nest.  It should be soil or similar, packable, and at least as deep as she is long.  Good luck!


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