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I'm having a red eared slider turtle. It opens its mouth many times a day as if it is having hiccups. Earlier it would swim under water about from past 1 week it floating on water. It has also stopped eating food and the bottom of the shell has become soft.
Yesterday I had changed the water and I have started providing it direct sunlight of atleast 2 Hours from past two days. Once I have also put it in a solution of resticlin capsule for 10 minutes.
I'm in a place where I cannot find veterinary doctors, so please suggest me some home treatments or capsules.
Thanks for answering.

Hi Franklin,

Your turtle needs veterinary treatment.  I cannot legally provide you with veterinary information, and this is not something you should be attempting to treat at home.  The constant yawning/gaping means your turtle very likely has pneumonia and is struggling to breathe.  This needs antibiotics (usually administered via injection).  The softening of the shell also indicates that your turtle is in bad shape, probably due to long-term improper housing (lack of UVB, poor diet, etc.).  If you provide me with more detail about the tank setup (size of turtle, size of tank, type of filter, basking/UVB lights, diet, etc.) I can help you to correct those problems, but you still need to find treatment for your turtle.  


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