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Turtles/My 1yr old snapper is acting weird


Just recently (2 days ago) my 1yr old snapper started action weird. At 1st I noticed that he wasn't swimming up to the side of his tank for feedings, which he usually always does anytime I go by his tank. I let it go a day. Then yesterday I pick him up and he goes completely stiff for several seconds, then comes out of it and starts twitching, then goes limp. Then he snaps out of it and he's fine. He's NEVER done this before and its scaring me. He usually either tucks into his shell or wiggles when I pick him up. Please help! He still hasn't eaten.

Hi Katie,

Could you provide more information?  With as much detail as possible, I need to know:

1)  How long you've had your turtle, where you got it, and how big it is
2)  Size of tank, type of filter and lighting (basking/UVB)
3)  Basking and water temperature
4)  Diet
5)  Any other symptoms--skin or shell changes, wheezing, yawning/gaping, lethargy, changes in normal activity

If you can post a clear picture of him and/or the tank it would also help.  With more information, I can give you better advice.  Lack of appetite isn't necessarily a concern in and of itself, but with the symptoms you described it does sound like something is going on.  


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