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Hello....I previously asked this question on 5/7/15 but received no response.  Hopefully you can help me.  We had a basking turtle (my husband calls them streaked legs) lay eggs 2/2/15.  I have read online that the eggs can hatch anytime between 60 - 150 days.  Is this true?  Should I still be on the lookout for babies?  Thank You!!

Hi Christine,

I don't know what happened when you posted your earlier question, but I didn't get it somehow.  Anyway, incubation period varies by species and conditions.  If you know what specific species the turtle was, I can give you a better time frame.  If the eggs are being incubated under controlled conditions (in an incubator), you can generally figure about 60-70 days.  Outside, the incubation period may go longer, but not necessarily.  I'd say the very least time (again, depending on species and condition) would be maybe 50 days, and the longest 120 days, but some species do have a much longer incubation period, so 150 days isn't outside the realm of possibility.  

If you don't know the species, a good description would probably give me enough to figure it out.  Also, was this a wild turtle or a pet?


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