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I have two small razorback musk turtles. They are housed in an adequate sized tank with basking platforms, a uvb bulb and a 50 w basking bulb but no areas of dirt to climb on to. They never climb out of the water to the platforms, but eat well, get along together and appear to be in good health. Should I take them out of the tank occasionally to dry out in the sun or a light? I am not sure exactly what their needs are as far as basking time. I have had them probably about 2 yrs and overall they seem in good condition. Thank you, Sarah

Hi Sarah,

Musk turtles tend to not be big baskers, so likely they're only basking for brief periods and you just don't see it.  I wouldn't worry about it as long as you don't notice anything concerning.  The only other thing I'd mention is that if the turtles are still immature, you may see some aggression when they hit maturity, especially if they're both males. This may be less of an issue if the tank is quite large, with plenty of room and sight breaks.  Just watch for signs of bullying and/or excessive hiding, one growing more than the other, etc. Otherwise, sounds like things are going fine.  


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