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Hi Jeanne,
Bert is a baby red slider I own. I also raise Siberian Huskies. We currently have 3 puppies 8 weeks old. During a large family event the children left a door open. A puppy got out & found Bert in his water bath. The puppy played with him and bit his shell. He had some bleeding & there are parts of his shell ripped. He seems alert & ok.

Any care tips? Does he need a vet?

Thank you!!

Hi Leisha,

Absolutely, you need to take the turtle to a vet ASAP. Dog bites are very infectious, and it's likely that there is damage or puncture wounds that you're not able to see.  In the meantime, keep him in a box with a clean towel in a warm, but not hot area.  Soak him in clean water once a day. Don't try to treat the wounds until he's been examined by a vet, because it could cause more harm than good.  The injuries will need to be cleaned and a course of antibiotics orescribed (at minimum). Good luck!


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