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My Russian tortoise has a growth like object on the side of her face, near the jawline and mouth. It appeared out of nowhere. It was dry looking at first and about 18 hours later there is a pus like substance coming out when I touch it (trying to cleanse the area with a swab) and it has a red pigment near and on it. She is still eating and is very active. Not sure what is wrong? I have another tortoise who lives beside her in the same enclosed area. Should I separate them for now?

Hi Cynthia,

Sounds like it's most likely an abscess (very common).  You need to take your tortoise to a herp vet for treatment and antibiotics; it's not something you can treat at home. You don't have to separate them as long as she's acting normally.  Recovery should go just fine.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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