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QUESTION: can i use this water conditioner it wasnt made for turtles but doesnt say anything about slime coat or fish


You didn't say which water conditioner you're using, so I can't say specifically, but turtles generally don't need water conditioner for chlorine.  Some seem to be more sensitive to chlorine than others, though.  Letting the water you're using sit out for 24 hours or so will dissipate most of the chlorine.  If your water is treated with chloramine, that's more likely to cause issues with bacteria in your filter, and using a water conditioner is a good idea.  So if you want to use water conditioner, go ahead, but it's probably not strictly necessary unless your water has chloramines.  You should be able to check through your local water agency online.  If you want me to comment on the specific brand, post back and let me know what it is, and I'll get back to you.  

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QUESTION: ok i live in ny and what i read said theres no chlorimane in the water. i have another question though can i use hot glue in my turtles tank. oh or styrafoam

I don't know about hot glue, so just look for an aquarium-safe silicon. DAP makes one. Styrafoam is a no, because you don't want your turtle to accidentally ingest any if a piece breaks off, etc.  If you want a lightweight material for docks, etc. cork bark is pretty good stuff.  


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