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QUESTION: We have not been able to identify this turtle, found in our backyard Koi pond, on the web. Can you tell us what type it is? If not, I have a new name for the species - Shelbae - after the name of the turtle we caught - Shelby. See photo.


Do you have more pictures?  Specifically from the side/bottom (plastron). It looks like a species of musk turtle, but there are a few native to Georgia.  Also, a size reference would be helpful.  In any case, the turtle should be released if it hasn't already.

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QUESTION: Turtle has since been release where found. But still curious to identify.

Thanks for the additional pics!  They helped a lot. What I thought might be a hatchling musk turtle (there can be a surprising amount of color variation, and many species look very similar as hatchlings) is instead a box turtle, mostly likely an Eastern BT. I was also thrown off by it being found in (?) your pond. Box turtles are generally in wetter areas, but not actually in bodies of water.  If there are good hiding areas along the shore of your pond, the little guy might have been taking cover there.  Box turtles do have a hinged plastron so they can close their shells up completely, but it doesn't fully develop until they're a little older. I hope that answers your question, but if you want to know more, please ask!


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