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Hello and thank you for taking my question. I remember in my youth seeing an episode on tv but I am not sure it is TZ. A couple were in a home/apartment. Every night the man would hear an approaching plane that passed by at the exact same time. As the days progress, the plane sound closer and closer. His wife (?) cannot hear anything at all. It reaches the point where he is afraid the plane will hit their home. Still she hears nothing. On the final night, he insists they flee as the time for the plane to pass nears. On this night a real plane hits the home and would have killed them if they were still inside. Was this a TZ episode? I just cannot find a show description from any show that fits this memory.

I believe you are remembering an episode of 'One Step Beyond' called 'Fate'.  Here is a link to a synopsis and what appears to be the whole episode -

Hope this helps.  Have a great day!


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