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When I FINALLY saw the George Takei episode of "The Twilight Zone" a couple of months ago, I was certain I had seen every single episode except for that one. (Apparently this episode was banned for political reasons.) It was a fulfillment for me. I didn't want to die without seeing every episode.

THEN! A couple of weeks later, METV airs an episode entitled "Dust." Did you ever see this one? Why has it never been included in the episodes that I have watched over and over again for thirty years?


I'm not sure why you never saw this episode.  It was included in the original syndication package, and I remember seeing it several times on a station out of Houston when I was younger.  The only five that were never included in the original syndication package are 'Sounds and Silences', 'Miniature', 'A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain', 'An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge', and 'The Encounter'.  Hope this helped.

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