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sarane wrote at 2014-06-04 18:05:50
I have two in a half year old twin boys one of my boys is also has toffs he's had 4 major surgery's and is still unwell he's on 20 hour feeds and has tube in his nose as stomach doesn't work his brother also has dark bags undress eyes as he dose not like to sleep even though he's at nursery everyday 9 till 5 he's always hitting and is very aggressive does not like to eat and only has small amounts and like his brother has spend most of his life in hospital by his brothers side I put a lot of his behaviour down to maybe more attention being on his brother and the fact that he's always been in and out of hospital with his brother and also the eating part might be down to his brother because he's brother don't eat I'm not to worried I don't think you should be because I think as they get older these children will get better ig your grandaugher and my son with toffs hope this helps I feel tour pain because I'm going though it to.


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My wife and I have successfully raised our triplets using volumes of self help and instructional books, but most of our success has come from within. We have been married since 1979. After 10 years of infertility (which was an education in and of itself) we have been students of high risk pregnancy, neonatal intensive care, nursery organizational skills, potty training, discipline, schooling, and most recently, Attention Deficit Disorder. We have lived in a city setting and rural suburb. We have had hired help and have done it alone. What I offer to you is the knowledge we have accumulated over the years.


My expertise is a little outdated when it comes to young children. My triplets were born in 1989 and advancements in medicine, education and general health care would certainly be affected by those changes. Bear in mind, while you ask questions, that my children are well adjusted adults in their twenties, and my most recent experiences are more of a philosophical nature.

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