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I have 7 1/2 mth twins boy & girl. They were waking in the AM about 6:30 - 7am. Ever since last month when the teething starting they wake up around 5:30am! If one wakes up, they other hears and crys as well. Since 4 mths old they have not woken for bottle. I have tried just putting a numbing gel cream on them at 5:30am when they wake, but they just keep crying. I do not want to use any medications like baby tylenol.etc...The only way they are going back to sleep for a another hour or so at 5:30am is with a bottle. My peditrician says it is bad that I am getting them back into bottle at that time. THey might get used to it. I was thinking just for now for the teething process, then hopefully they were go back to waking normal time?

Any suggestions?

Hi Debbie!
teething is a really hard time for parents of twins!
there is nothing wrong at all with giving your baby a bottle to help them sleep through the pain of teething! if anything it is a better option than medications that just load the infant up with chemicals! as long as you get the babies back into a normal sleeping and feeding routine after their teeth have come through it should be fine! it comes down to the fact that- it's you and your babies waking through the night, if it helps your babies rest and you rest then do it!
of course there is the problem of them becoming reliant on that feed, so you might find it easier to water down the milk, or give a small amount, just enough for the baby to fall asleep, I assume they are not using pacifiers? if that's the case, don't use the bottle as a pacifier, take the empty bottle away as the infant is falling a asleep or has fallen asleep. goodluck! this is a hard time but it does pass :)  


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