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U.S. History/Discrimination/ Prejudice in U.S. History


anonymous wrote at 2009-10-28 19:50:09
Don't forget the japanese americans starting in 1941 after Pearl harbor and the subsequent internment of their population

Anonymous wrote at 2011-02-21 17:58:54
The Chinese were also used as sorts of slaves in the west and we also hate them for doing capitalism better than us... And the lynching of Mexicans after the U.S Mexican war and their dehumanization through media. America also hates the Russians because of the whole cold war thing/being a major super power/rival... The English because of the colonies... the canadians because they are french and call round ham canadian bacon... the french for dealing arms to our enemies and putting perfume in our vodka/not sending us enough champaigne... America has been around for only a couple of years and already has quarrels with more than half the world including the neighbors and if a problem doesn't exist they'll create it so they can fix it. Your list will never stop growing and you will find yourself going back constantly to add things.

Ann wrote at 2012-11-16 05:18:30
Steve, It is a good list but you left off the Mexicans.

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