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Hello, i am doing a project on the Acts leading towards the Revolutionary War. I am wondering what those acts were. If you can please help, I would love that, Thank You.

Hi Senna,

The beginning of the disputes that led to Revolution began with the end of the French and Indian War.  The British were left with great debts for the cost of defending the American Colonies and capturing the French Colonies.  To pay for this, Parliament created various colonial taxes to repay the costs.  Colonists opposed these taxes on the principle that if they could be taxed by a Parliament where they had no say, they essentially had no way to protect their property from greedy officials.  They implemented boycotts and protests.  These protests often resulted in violent treatment of British officials enforcing the taxes.

In response, the British sent soldiers to the colonies to enforce its authority, which only enraged the colonists more.  Colonists began acquiring military equipment to oppose British soldiers.  When the British tried to seize some of these weapons at Concord, it resulted in open combat between the groups, leading quickly to full scale war.

I hope this helps!
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