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I have to contrast the colonies of the South with the New England colonies. How did the Middle colonies compare and contrast with the other two regions?

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New England was settled first by colonists who had the primary motivation of setting up colonies that would adhere to the strict tenets of their religion.  They were not permitted to practice their religion in England.  By Contrast, most southern colonists were focused primarily on gaining weath, first by looking for gold or other precious metals.  Later, the focus was on developing large plantations to grow cash crops.

New England was not as suited to farming.  It was colder and had a shorter growing season.  Farms there tended to be smaller than in the south, and primarily for growing food.  Other cash industries that developed were fur trapping, commercial fishing and whaling, and ship building.  Southern colonies focused more on large farms with cash crops such as tobacco.

Middle colonies were a bit of a mix of the two other regions.  They tended to be the most welcoming of people from different religions and colonists from other parts of Europe.

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