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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Zukowski

My name is Shane and I am a student at Stoneham Highschool. This year we are doing a project called National History Day and we must conduct an interview with an expert on our topic. I am doing my project on the Cotton Gin and I am interested in learning more about this topic. I was hoping you would be able to answer a few of my questions.

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ANSWER: Ok I'll look ay the questions.

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QUESTION: 1.) What was the impact on agriculture and economics in the south?

2.) How did it affect the growth of slavery in the south?

3.) Why/How did the cotton gin influence the civil war?

4.) How did it affect the north?

1.) What was the impact on agriculture and economics in the south?

Increased the demand for cotton. It made possible to process it without labor intensive separating the fibers from the seeds. Thus lowering the costs and increased demand result in more cotton grown. Much of it for export. Huge profits were made.  It increased the need for slave to pick the cotton.


2.) How did it affect the growth of slavery in the south?

The numbers grew rapidly.  Slave population in fact by a factor 5 by 1850.

3.) Why/How did the cotton gin influence the civil war?

The Southern Agro business was dependent on slave labor. There was much capital tied in slaves and their value as property. If slavery was abolished they would lose everything they had, for plantation owner.
Thus Lincoln and Republicans winning the election of 1860, abolitionist were in power. They did not wait for crisis they opted to leave the Union.

4.) How did it affect the north?

In the North it created jobs in clothing & thread mills and factories. It was a major factor in industrial revolution.  

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