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i need short answers not a lot of sentences. My question is about Fredrick Douglass. i will label my questions by number and pklease label the number so i will not be confused.
1. I need to know the importance of Douglass becoming an urban slave as supposed to a plantation slave early in childhood.

2.What is the relationship Douglass had with his masters and mistress, Hugh and Sophie Auld. What ways in which Mrs. Auld's instruction in basic literacy and her husband's angry response in prohibiting it.

3.How he ultimately learned to read and write and how it leads to his freedom.

4.Which craft Douglass was trained while in Baltimore.

5.Who was Mr. Covey? Why was Douglass sent to live with him? How did his confrontation with Mr. Covey lead to his freedom?

6.How did he become an abolitionist?

1. Frederick was a plantation slave during his early childhood.  He was not moved to the city until he was almost a teenager.  The benefit of moving was that it gave him access to other people who could help him learn to read and learn more about the outside world.

2.  Frederick consider Sophie Auld a kind person who treated him decently.  She began to teach him to read, until her husband discovered the fact and put a stop to it.  First, teaching slaves to read was illegal.  Secondly, it made them unsatisfied with being slaves.

3.  Frederick learned to read with the help of white children in his neighborhood and by practicing in secret on his own.  I'm not sure that he needed his literacy skills to escape, but his ability likely gave him the perspective and confidence to attempt such an escape.

4.  Frederick was trained as a ship's caulker while in slavery in Baltimore.

5.  Edward Covey was a farmer who had a reputation for treating slaves harshly and breaking their will.  Frederick was sent to work for him because his owner found his behavior unacceptable.  Frederick recounts an event when Covey tried to whip him.  He refused to allow in and the two men fought to a draw.  Covey apparently was embarrassed that he could not control the slave and left him alone after that.  Frederick's poor treatment there increased his desire for freedom.  His ability to confront his master and prevail probably also increased his confidence.

6.  After his escape, Frederick took the last name of Douglass and settled in Massachusetts.  He was obviously opposed to slavery based on his personal experiences.  He began reading abolitionist literature and attending speeches.  Based on his personal background and experiences with slavery, he was quickly requested to begin giving speeches on the subject.

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