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Why were imperialist countries interested in China in the late 1800s?
a. China had many resources which attracted these countries.   
   b. The Boxers had invited many nations to enter into China to share in its resources.   
   c. China owned Japan and if a country could occupy China, it had access to Japan.   
   d. China was expanding its empire into the Atlantic and many countries wanted to stop this expansion.

What political significance did the Pact of Paris have?
   a. It established that the United States lost control over Alaska.   
   b. It gave the United States political power over Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.   
   c. It outlined the governmental structure for the French provinces in Cuba.   
   d. The pact gave the United States political control over British Columbia.


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  1st Question: Economic imperialism allowed the area to operate as its own nation, but the imperialist nation almost completely controlled its trade and other business. For example, it may impose regulations that forbid trade with other nations, or imperialist companies may own or have exclusive rights to its natural resources. During this era, China and most of Latin America were subjected to economic imperialism.

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  2nd Question: The Pact of Paris, the League of Nations and many treaties for the prevention of war are the symbols of a very different world. In 1914 war was an accepted method for the settlement of international disputes with which no nation other than the belligerents had a right to interfere.

   The nations who went to war In chat fateful year violated no general principle of international law in so doing. International law was to a great extent a code under which a duel between nations could be carried on. While many enlightened individuals opposed war upon principle, there was then no general public opinion against it as a nation's legal right, nor had there been any organization of a community of nations to outlaw it.

   On the other hand, today we have the Pact of Paris, by which all nations in language simple and emphatic, first renounced war as an instrument of national policy in their relations with one another, and secondly agreed that the settlement of disputes of whatever nature which might arise among them should never be sought except by pacify means. Today 51 nations are taking positive action to stop a nation that is invading the territory of another signatory of the Pact of Paris. The majority of these nations find it embarrassing to declare sanctions against Italy, but they are putting their obligations above individual inclinations.

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