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What was the significance of 1st Bull Run (Manassas), Battle of Antietam, and the Battle of Gettysburg as it related to the outcome of the American Civil War?

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Bull Run- Largest and bloodiest battle at that point in the Civil War, and it was very unexpected that the South would win. The North was very shocked, and was very worried that the Confederacy would march to Washington D.C. One of the first major battles, it was huge. While this didn`t have as direct an effect on the outcome like Gettysburg did, it was a huge loss for both sides.

Antietam- The largest and bloodiest single day battle in American history. It was a very detrimental loss to both sides, with a quarter of Union forces dead, and 31% of the South`s dead.

Gettysburg- Revered as the most famous battle in American history, and at least of the Civil War, it was also one of the most somber. Huge losses for both sides, but more importantly, it was the turning point in the Civil War, politically and militarily.  

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