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Can u help me Describe the impact of industrial revolution on the world and on the  development of socio economic classes of American family.

Before the Industrial Revolution, most of the population worked as farmers.  Most people died by age 40.  Few people traveled more than 50 miles from where they were born unless they were immigrating or part of an army.  Most countries were ruled by a small number of aristocrats who dominated all aspects of the peasants' lives.

Much of that changed during the industrial revolution.  Mechanized farming and advanced farming methods have meant that an ever smaller percentage of the population has to farm to provide food for everyone.  This has allowed most of the population to pursue other careers which helped provide the workforce for the manufacturing and services sectors that exist today.

Medical care has greatly improved with the development of new medicines and medical care machines.  Better understanding of sanitation and replacement of horses with cars has greatly reduced the spread of disease.  As a result, life expectancy has almost doubled.  The world population is now about 7x the size it was before the Industrial Revolution began.

Less need for human labor to provide basic necessities has led to a rising middle class.  More people can spend time receiving an education while young.  More people can more easily travel the country or world, bringing closer ties among the nations.  Wealth tends to be more evenly spread among the population.  Common people tend to have a greater say in government and how society is run.  The increased wealth has also increased the number of very rich people in society as well.

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