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Hey Mike, I've got a history project, (National History Day) or NHD, and i need to interview an expert so i have a couple of questions:
1.  What are some of the consequences of the Boston Tea Party, besides anger from the British?
2.  If the Boston Tea Party had not happened would the Revolution still have happened?
3.  If 2 was yes, then how was the Boston Tea Party a turning point in American History?
4.  And lastly, could the Boston Tea Party been avoided if the British had discontinued the Tea Act?

         --Thank you for your consideration

Hi Jonathan,

1. Most colonists, even those who supported the tea boycotts, generally objected to the tea party's use of violence and destruction of private property.  But the British reaction to the Tea Party (closing Boston Harbor and passage of the Coercive Acts) helped to unify the colonies.

2. The Tea Party provoked the British into passage of the Coercive Acts, was a significant catalyst taking the parties closer to Revolution.  It is hard to say if it would have happened without the Tea Party.  It is certainly possible that some other incident of defiance or violence would have provoked British reaction as well.

3. The Tea Party was a turning point because the British reaction help to unify colonial opposition to the British.  It was the driving event behind the creation of the First Continental Congress, to better organize colonial resistance to British impositions on colonial freedoms.

4. Americans loved their tea.  If the British had ended the tax, it would not have been an issue.  But the British left the tax on tea because it was such a small tax and could be levied easily.  It was not about the money.  The British simply wanted to establish the precedent that such taxes were permissible.  It is for that exact reason that the colonies were so opposed to it.

- Mike  

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